Onion shortage- not this year

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Onion lovers in the south-east Asia can rest assured that there will been onion shock this year. The Government of India had imposed ban on onion export in September 2019 when the prices of the bulb had crossed Rs 150 per kg in some retail markets. The government also had imposed stock limit and imported onions from Egypt, Afghanistan and Turkey to tame the prices. Europe was hit due to this ban and had to import onions from Pakistan and Turkey, which did not have high quality onions to send. Netherlands was quick to the rescue and used the opportunity to gain more grounds in home market. As per the Holland Onion Association the current world export market share of the Holland onion is over 15%. Onion exports is one of the few lists where the United States of America figures after China and India; check out the other 10 onion exporters at the Daily records.

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