Why does food crisis not leave Sudan for good?

Image by David Peterson from Pixabay

About six months ago, in Aug of last year a delegation from South Africa visited South Sudan to donate food items. the donation included 130,000 units each of Sorghum, beans, cooking oil, and salt for 130,000 households. How did this donation alleviate the reported food insecurity for an estimated 8.7 million people presents a complex mathematical and ethical challenge to us. The figure was said to be million in Sep 2018 report by the UNICEF . While recent shortage, getting noticed on global forum in 2012, is attributed to severe drought and continuing violence in East Africa, a broad-net investigation traces the root to good deed-gone-bad kind of story. Reportedly during 1970s the Sudanese Government undertook vast agricultural projects to transform Sudan into a major food producer for the Middle East. These investments were backed by oil-rich Arab countries. However the monies and projects suffered from a combination of corruption, lack of water supply and irrigation infrastructure. For Sudan to really get over the food shortage, it is critical that the infrastructure needed to support agriculture is tended to as equally high priority as tending hunger in the moment. @FAO @WBG_Gov @SudanTribune_EN #Innovation #Food #Water #Farming

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