Mathematics, random walks and coronavirus: if there was a solution


Researchers solve one of the most notorious open problems in Math- random walks. If one does not know what the problem of random walks is, one who is mathematically fluent may follow this material link put together by Mathematical Institute, Leiden University. For less mathematical savvy,. it can be understood literally, as the difficulty associated with predicting the of multiple independent groups of people or individual traversing a field, where there is no clarity on how the the walk is going to proceed, converge of diverge, in the field devoid of any other parameter. The idea and principles of random walk theory are used to model how animals move and behave or to describe and model how particles behave. At this moment however, it is hard not to mull over, if the random walks solution as posited by Omer Tamuz model predict the random walks of coronavirus carriers and the viral spread? After all, they could be helping US Spies mapping coronavirus as well!

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