Urban forests during pandemic and a single canopy tree spread over five acres

Humans have felt trapped last year. While the homo sapiens learnt to turn inwards and self-reflect and find new ways to deal with self, stories of urban forests and ecosystems thriving as a result were going viral. In the meanwhile, Giant sequoia groves have been feeling the burn. are not only fire resilient, they are fire dependent for their regeneration, but fire exclusion has dramatically reduced their fire resilience. Both Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks have restored several groves using prescribed fire and some mechanical thinning, but most of the groves in the range still need restoration to be fire resilient in the warming climate. This is a good reminder to support the cause of urban forestry and ongoing research in this area. Also, it would not hurt to learn from the landscape, climatic and socio-cultural context of Thimmamma Marrimanu: The world’s largest single tree canopy, which was inducted in guinness book of world records for being spread over five acres!! Follow the BBC story here. Astounding fact for many. Or you could say, a tree is being a tree but then oh, how hard have the humans made it for a tree to be a tree.

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