Nigeria sees red over Tomatoes

Nigeria is running short of tomatoes. Mira Mehta from the USA is already invested via Tomato Jos Farming and Processing Ltd factory located in Kaduna State and is said to be investing additional N7bn in plant. Mr. Sani Dangote’s N2.8 billion greenhouse nursery in Kano is adding to the supply chain and addressing demand gap. They are also sending the best quality tomato seedlings to Nigerian farmers. Yet, sustainable farming innovations are a critical need for the region. Food entrepreneurs gather here!

Image by Mauro Borghesi from Pixabay

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Melting the Sun into Water, in Jordan

How do you convert sunshine into water resource for agriculture? Jordan has a lesson to share in sustainable thinking and innovation. With the assistance from the United Nations, Jordan Ministry of Agriculture has been experimenting with the hot-houses, which are growing food for the people, using water de-salinated through solar power. For more details, red the BBC report here:

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Sustainable development fee in Bhutan

The Government of Bhutan has a way with innovating. The Government was first in the world to create a Ministry of Happiness in 2008. After over a decade, they are setting another exemplar, so to say, in terms of  Sustainable Development Fee (SDF). The lower house of ‘Tshogdu’ or Bhutan’s Parliament passed legislation that tourists from India, Maldives, and Bangladesh have to pay a certain amount of SDF for their stay in the country. We hope that the sustainable development fee does not result in a dip in regional tourism. A sustainable development fee is a payment for the maintenance of ecology disrupted by the tourists visiting the country. This reads like the case of penalizing the highest of culprit, however, while India makes @70% of the tourism market as per the 2018 report by Tourism Council of Bhutan, the ecological disruption is created by any single individual tourist. Provisions of SDF waiver has been considered and get revisited periodically.

Flora of economic freedom and sustainability for a community in India

BBC reports a heartwarming story of economic freedom and sustainability from India. Sweet fragrance of flowers and economic freedom is the result of recipes where you combine higher education with passion, social media and innovation. Kalpana Rajesh decided to drop her Chemical Engineering degree by the wayside to start a business involving two of her favorite things, flowers- to make Poolajadalu (floral hair style), and brides, as commonly poolajadalu is integral to bridal hair decoration in India. She seems to have left many brides happy as you can see on her Facebook page. We wish her the sweet smell of Jasmine, the flower she loves most.

Sustainable development and slums upgradation

The combination of sustainable development and slums up gradation is rarely read together in one sentence. This is exactly what Kei Otsuki,a research associate at the UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace did, highlighting the works of a number of co-culprits, which we need more of. She observes that governmental version of sustainable development is to ‘clean up’ the slum completely and relocate the residents. Umande Trust and the researchers from Kenyatta University are challenging this approach, through their  innovation of bio-centres as hubs of revitalization within current slums. Terraafont Correspondent has reached out the the researchers for further information on the innovation. Look out for updates here.

Sustainable development education

UNESCO- the United Nations’ specialized agency for education, has developed an orientation document to educate the citizens on the agency’s sustainable development goals. For them, education is both a goal in itself but also an instrument to accomplish attaining all the other SDGs. This makes a good reference manual for all concerned. However, we suspect this will be used as a tool to hold the organization accountable in terms of fulfilment of its learning objectives, as time passes.


UN marks Feb 2020 as celebration of Goal 11

The United Nations is marking February 2020 as the month for celebrating Goal 11:Sustainable Cities and Communities. The United Nations his working to ensure that efficient urban planning and management practices are in place by 2030 to deal with the challenges brought by the rise of urbanization catering to 5 billion people. Follow the story

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